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Welcome to Kaijumatic, House of 2,000 Monsters! This compendium of Giant Monsters from the Movies is brought to you by your least favorite cuttlefish, Dr. Kaiju. Hosted by, it uses Fereal's Monobook theme.

Do you like monsters? Do you like movies? Do you like giant monster movies? Celebrating over 100 years of giant monsters in cinema!

It's Gezora Time!!!
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It's alive! In spite of a cornucopia of horrors here at the lab, including hardware failure, viral outbreaks, blood, terror, and bitter tears, the demented Dr. Kaiju has survived, and perhaps is even well enough to continue updating our little encyclopedia. No guarantees, no refunds, no hope… but there will be monsters. Maybe. If not, that means our dear doctor has finally kicked the bucket; officials, you'll find the backup files on a thumb drive in the floor safe, underneath the Beanie Babies. DESTROY EVERYTHING.

It's Kaijumatic!

This gigantic collection is filled with information on a mess of giant monsters from the movies; if it's giant and it's a monster and it's in a movie, odds are good it can be found here! Even if it's not a monster… well, sometimes even if it's not a giant. But it had to be in a movie, that's for sure.

Now with 1,260 pages stuffed with 2,130 big stars from 978 movies! The Giant Giant Monster Movie List is also available for your review. Check it out!

Is your favorite big fiend of film missing? Don't become enraged and ravage the countryside, just send off an moc.oohay|ujiak_rotcod#liame and he, she, and/or it will be included forthwith! Peruse the about section to see which creatures qualify.

Have you had a bad day? Are you sick to death of the worthless drivel polluting these pages, and just want to blissfully lose yourself in kaiju camaraderie? Never fear! Just move on over to KM's wonderful Monster Bucket, all movie monsters, all the time, thousands of posters and pics, no jibber-jabber!

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Featured Creature: wiki:megalon

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Is there any creature that takes more delight in destroying human "civilization" than the Seatopian demigod Megalon? No, no there is not. This jubilant jerk is loved by monsters everywhere for teaching humanity some manners; another world tour with Gigan is long overdue, dear friend.


Mothra from the amazing Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)!
The Neomorph and Xenomorph from the spectacular Alien: Covenant (2017)!!
The Strangeness from the magnificent The Strangeness (1985)!!!!
King Ghidorah from the astounding Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)!!!!
The Cyclops Alien from the unforgettable Contamination (1980)!!!!!
Zhu Bajie from the breathtaking The Monkey King 2 (2016)!!!!!!
The Giant Squid from the incomparable The Meg (2018)!!!!!!!
























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