Thank you for visiting Kaijumatic, a compendium of giant monsters from the movies. If it wasn't in a film, it doesn't count; if it counted they'd make a movie about it! This encyclopedia brings all of the great and not-so-great big stars together into one world, a Monster Planet, if you will.

Kaijumatic is a work in progress and not yet complete, but the goal is a full and accurate collection of all theatrically-released, feature-length, live-action-film giant monsters in one virtual tome. What's a giant? Something over eight feet tall, long, or wide as a general rule of thumb, with some exceptions; one being something that was tiny growing many times larger to a menacing size (like the Killer Shrews), the other being the exclusion of mundane creatures of unexceptional size that are still living on Earth (like an elephant).

Each creature or creation listed here is given an objective Kaiju Threat Rating on a scale of zero to five based on my expert analyses as a doctor*. A concise article for each kaiju is also provided with photo identification, video evidence**, and further details of their habits and abilities.

  • KAIJU LEVEL ZERO: LIGHTWEIGHT. A significant threat to civilians and isolated military units only, but still big and scary enough, like The Host. Recommended countermeasures: Rifle, fire.
  • KAIJU LEVEL ONE: WELTERWEIGHT. These monsters are capable of major damage, but can usually be stopped by police or other lightly-armed forces, or by an easily-exploited weakness (if any). See the Blob. Recommended countermeasures: Machine gun(s), explosives.
  • KAIJU LEVEL TWO: MIDDLEWEIGHT. Dangerous city wreckers, level two kaiju usually can't be defeated without at least a significant military commitment, like Baragon. Recommended countermeasures: Armor division, tactical nuclear strike.
  • KAIJU LEVEL THREE: LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT. Typically (but not always) enormous creatures that can't even be slowed by regular military forces; only mecha or other anti-monster hardware has a chance of stopping them. Anguirus is a perfect example of a light heavyweight. Recommended countermeasures: Giant robot, tougher monster.
  • KAIJU LEVEL FOUR: HEAVYWEIGHT. This is the most powerful that monsters normally get. It often takes two or more monsters and/or combined monster-specialized military forces to stop a level four. Godzilla is usually a level four kaiju. Recommended countermeasures: Super anti-monster dreadnaught(s), monster dog pile.
  • KAIJU LEVEL FIVE: SUPER-HEAVYWEIGHT. This level is reserved for a select few daikaiju and demigods of unimaginable power, like Kronos. These planet ruiners are only defeated through blind luck, fate, or divine intervention (if at all). Recommended countermeasures: Fervent prayer, going to that special place in your mind where no one can hurt you.

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* Disclaimer: Please note that the monster bios are written from the perspective of a failed veterinary technician's human brain transplanted into the body of a giant cuttlefish. The aforementioned isn't aware that the films are works of fiction; he is quite possibly mad, frequently silly, and most definitely not an expert or a doctor.
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