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Species: Unclassified centaurian; Type: Alien
Length: 18 ft with tail (6 m, est); Weight: 1,200 lb (545 kg, est)
Attributes: Martial arts, hooves, horns, tail
Powers: None revealed
Intelligence: Average
Land Speed: Fast
Kaiju Level: Zero (lightweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Shao Kahn; Enemies: Humanity
Film: Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)
Discovered by the:
Additional Data:
Mortal Kombat Wiki
Description: Motaro was one of the henchmen of Shao Kahn in the Outworld. He's a Centaurian, which is like a centaur with sharp cloven hooves, a long, whip-like tail, and horns on the skull and elbows.
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