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The World's Toughest Terrorist

Species: Unclassified humanoid; Type: Super-powered kaiju
Height: Up to 164 ft (50 m, est); Weight: Up to 1,600 tons (est)
Attributes: Martial arts
Powers: Fire breath, stink eye; super durability, endurance, and strength; growth to giant size, flight
Intelligence: Average
Land Speed: Moderate; Air Speed: Fast
Kaiju Level: Two (middleweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Unknown; Enemies: Humanity
Film: Yakuza Apocalypse (極道大戦争, 2015)
Additional Data:

Description: Not only is he The World's Toughest Terrorist, his political objectives remain a complete mystery, which perhaps makes him the world's most baffling terrorist, as well. One thing is for sure; don't even bother trying to beat him with karate, because he will kick your ass. Superficially, he appears to be a jolly man in a frog suit, but he's actually way more fun than that.
Roger Ebert

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