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Species: Unclassified bio-mechanical monster; Type: Super-powered alien
Height: 230 ft (70 m); Weight: 2,000 tons (est)
Attributes: Bite, claws, knife head, leaper
Powers: Telekinetic shuriken; super durability and endurance
Intelligence: Low
Land Speed: Moderate
Kaiju Level: Three (light heavyweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Unknown; Enemies: Gamera, Gyaos
Film: Gamera vs. Guiron (ガメラ対大悪獣ギロン, 1969)
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Description: Guiron was a sad-eyed monster with a taste for blood; he actually chopped Gyaos into slices like a meatloaf with his big knife head! He put up a valiant struggle against Gamera before being defeated in rather spectacular fashion. He preferred to walk on all fours, but could stand on his hind legs as needed. He was a fantastic jumper, capable of stopping a supersonic foe in mid-flight. Lastly, he had four shuriken nested at the base of his knife head, which he could throw via telekinesis.
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