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Urchin-Human Mutant

Bergerjacques is best avoided if you meet him in his natural habitat, the sewers. He can be found at the The B-Movie Message Board, where he rules with a spiny fist. You should probably avoid him there, too. Possibly French; not to be trusted.

Brother Ragnarok
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Creepy Spike Guy

Another member of the BMMB, this guy likes to drive spikes through his head. Little else is known about him other than he enjoys monsters and must have some sort of regenerative capability. Suspected Norwegian; violent tendencies.

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Mad Goat Herder

Long-time resident of the spooky Classic Horror Film Board, CucamongaDan has proved immune to psychic assault in spite of my best efforts on multiple occasions. Location undisclosed, possibly a nomadic druid, gypsy, or shaman.

Dr. Girlfriend
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Long-suffering Partner

The companion of the doomed recorder of this encyclopedia, Dr. Girlfriend refuses to take part in anything nefarious, and instead insists upon shuffling through activities that have nothing to do with monsters or the apocalypse.

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Monstrous Engineer

Iron enforcer of the CHFB and frequent advisor to Kaijumatic, this mysterious individual has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things supernatural, including the unfathomable evil of Leave it to Beaver. Lived in Chicago for many years; possibly bulletproof robot.

El Santo
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Zombie Author-Wrestler

Author of 1,000 Misspent Hours and Counting and member of the BMMB, this nefarious undead mastermind has contributed extensively to this collection of monsters for dark purposes that must forever remain his infernal secret.

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Always Awake

Well-versed in the arcane, mundane, and insane, FourColorFan is the friendly recorder of the CHFB, always watching, always waiting, waiting with the patience of a spider. He never sleeps; could be an android or maybe an actual mutant spider of some kind.

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Shadowy Lurker

Fanatical devotee of Cannon, Hando is one of the most frightening members of the CHFB. He is prone to fits of either sagacious insight or incoherent ramblings, followed by long periods of inactivity. He very well could be the hive mind of a mole rat colony with access to a computer.

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Scaled Super Agent

Author, diplomat, martial artist, and reptilian alien super spy, Hman is a member of the BMMB and expert on the King of the Monsters. Possibly higher caste, winged reptilian; recommend fearful avoidance or willful subjugation. He'll know if you're lying.

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Fuzzy Scientist

Anthropomorphic lemur, gun-toting vigilante, paleontologist, and BMMB member, MegaLemur is feared and respected in the trees, on the dig, in the forum, and on the mean streets of whatever Teutonic dank hellhole s/he lives in.

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Caustic Pun Spouter

Capable of actually shutting down the human brain with puns, this member of the CHFB will not stop until you are in a coma. That's what he does… that's all he does! Oh, wait, he's an artist, too. But other than that, that's all he does.

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Demonic Scribe

Author, researcher, and dreaded critic of the CHFB, punkingal5 has impressive psionic and esoteric powers through her mastery of both Zen Buddhism and hellfire. Frequent resourceful opponent of yours truly and other nonsense in general.

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Eldritch Journalist

If you want to know the behind-the-scene details, Rakshasha the senior correspondent of the Classic Horror Film Board is a good man to ask, for a price. What is that price, you ask? Your immortal soul… or maybe an original script for Jaws. It's negotiable.

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Supernatural Detective

Collector, archivist, investigator, and member of the CHFB, Siburning is usually silent until you are wrong. Then you'll find out that he was actually paying attention all along, and you'll wish he would go away, but he won't, he just won't.

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Happy Madman

Long-time member of the Classic Horror Film Board, sillyhuron is always nice, no matter what repugnant frightfulness is going on all around him. Capable of withstanding mind-numbing depravity and awfulness without apparent effect, he may be a high priest of Shub-Niggurath.

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Enigmatic Iguana

Little is known for sure about Snurt64, but through thorough observation at the BMMB it has been determined that he is more likely than not a lower-caste, non-winged reptilian alien assigned to monitor myself and other monster researchers. At least he is nice about it.

The Rev. D.D.
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Godzilla Reverend

Contributor to the B-Movie Message Board, this Godzilla acolyte is knowledgeable about monsters of many varieties, and has shared his knowledge with Kaijumatic in an effort to spread the good word; the monsters are coming! Amen!

Victoria Silverwolf
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Vampire Belle

This frightfully erudite lady can be found at the BMBB, where she reviews works that haven't seen the light of day in decades. Suspicions of her vampirism are based on my study of The Secret and resulting wishboard.

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After noting the frequent short absences and odd comments of this member from the Classic Horror Film Board's Blind Hermit's Hut chat, the observant can only reach one conclusion; he is a were-snake that must feed often at night; likely in the thrall of the serpent demigod Set.

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Unnatural Cyborg

This inhumanly informed contributor to the CHFB is an expert on works of many genres, all horrible. Using Occham's Razor, the most likely explanation for his knowledge is that he is a super-computer/human cyborg databank of some kind, probably Japanese.

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