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Absorbing Man

Name: Dr. David Banner; Species: Homo sapiens; Type: Super-powered mutant
Height: Power dependent; Weight: Power dependent
Attributes: Mad scientist, brawler
Powers: Absorbs properties of whatever he touches as desired
Intelligence: Exceptional
Weakness(es): None revealed
Kaiju Level: Two (middleweight)
Speed: Power dependent
Allies: Gamma Dogs; Enemies: Hulk, humanity
Film: Hulk (2003)
Made in the:
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Description: Dr. David Banner irradiated himself with gamma rays and became the Absorbing Man, now granted with the ability to absorb the properties of his surroundings (like steel, stone, water, or electricity). Increased power allowed him to become many times larger than puny human size; however, he found assimilating too much energy to be overwhelming, as he discovered when he tried to drain the juice from his own son, the Hulk.
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