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Alien Atlanta

Subtitle: Transformed Phantom; Species: Unclassified humanoid; Type: Super-powered alien
Height: Up to 187 ft (57 m); Weight: Up to 29,000 tons
Attributes: Martial arts, flight
Powers: Disable beams, super durability and endurance, shapeshifter, growth to giant size
Intelligence: Average; Land Speed: Moderate; Air Speed: Fast
Kaiju Level: Two (middleweight); Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: None; Enemies: Ultras, humanity
Film: Ultraman: Great Monster Decisive Battle (ウルトラマン怪獣大決戦, 1979)
Landfall in:
Additional Data:
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Description: A tricky alien that crash landed on Earth, Alien Atlanta took the life and shape of a human in an effort to survive, at least until he got stuck between the Ultra Brothers, Ultraman Leo and Ultraman Astra.
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