Alien Guts

Subtitle: Clone Alien; Species: Unclassified humanoid; Type: Super-powered alien
Height: Up to 167 ft (51 m); Weight: Up to 38,000 tons
Attributes: Martial arts; Powers: Beam Bind, Paralysis Ray, Stun Bolts, illusions, intangibility, invisibility, growth to giant size, teleportation, interstellar travel and access to advanced technologies via star ship
Intelligence: Average
Land Speed: Moderate
Kaiju Level: Three (light heavyweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Aliens Nackle, Alien Temperor, and Alien Zarab; Enemies: Ultras, humanity
Film: Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers (ウルトラマンメビウス&ウルトラ兄弟, 2006)
Landfall in:
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Description: The Alien Guts have crossed the void of space to battle the Ultras on Earth many times, but things just haven't worked out for him yet. When last seen, Alien Guts combined forces with Alien Nackle, Alien Temperor, and Alien Zarab, but still, no dice.
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