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AKA: The Junkyard Bot, The People's Champion; Type: Boxing robot
Height: 7 ft, 6-3/4 in (2.3 m); Weight: 614 lb (279 kg)
Basic Features: Pugilist, armored
Advanced Features: Shadow mode, voice recognition
Intelligence: Basic programming
Land Speed: Moderate
Mech Level: Zero (lightweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Charlie and Max Kenton, Bailey Tallet; Enemies: Other corner
Film: Real Steel (2011)
Made in the:
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Description: It turns out that humans can't bear touching each other either, so they have produced these boxing robots to simulate their clumsy full-contact sports. Atom was initially designed as a sparring partner, so he could take a lot of damage in a bout and keep on fighting.

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