AKA: Demon Go-Ne; Type: Unclassified humanoid; Type: Super-powered alien
Height: Up to 131 ft (40 m, est); Weight: Up to 35,000 tons (est)
Attributes: Wields mace, martial arts, full head of hair
Powers: Flamethrower, energy shield; super durability and endurance; shape shifter
Intelligence: Average
Land Speed: Moderate
Kaiju Level: Two (middleweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Jumkiller Jr.; Enemies: Jumborg Ace, Yuk Wud Jaeng, humanity
Film: Jumborg Ace & Giant (ยักษ์วัดแจ้ง พบ จัมโบ้เอ, 1974)
Landfall in:
Additional Data:
Ultraman Wiki
Description: This alien really has it out for Jumborg Ace, and they have repeatedly had rather violent arguments. She employs the robot Jumkiller Jr.
Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill!

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