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Dr. Manhattan

Name: Jonathan Osterman; Species: Homo sapiens; Type: Super-powered mutant
Height: As desired; Weight: As wished
Attributes: Quantum being
Powers: Unimaginable
Intelligence: Exceptional
Speed: As willed
Kaiju Level: Five (super heavyweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Crimebusters, US Government; Enemies: Unknown
Film: Watchmen (2009)
Born in the:
Additional Data:
DC Comics Database

Description: Jon Osterman became Dr. Manhattan when he was disassembled on a subatomic level by an intrinsic field generator, eventually resulting in his evolution into a being of unimaginable power. He can change his size and/or mass instantly, fly and teleport, disintegrate with a thought, and is immortal, for starters. If you can think of it, odds are pretty good that he can do it. But would he want to? Probably not.
Roger Ebert

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