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Species: Unclassified demigod; Type: Supernatural
Height: As desired, his head alone appeared to be hundreds of meters; Weight: As willed
Attributes: As wished; Powers: Master of own dimension, Dormammu can roar out a super-destructive purple beam, create eldritch tentacles, control matter, and probably whatever else he can think of; possibly immortal
Intelligence: Exceptional
Speed: Very fast
Kaiju Level: Five (super heavyweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Dormammu is worshiped on Earth and has zealots; Enemies: Doctor Strange, humanity
Film: Doctor Strange (2016)
Discovered by the:
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Description: Only the three sorcerous sanctums in Hong Kong (China), London (UK), and New York (USA), each with their own contingent sorcerers, are able to keep the Giant Demon Dormammu from engulfing the Earth with chaos and horror. Don't know what the difference would be, really. More people, perhaps. Gross.
Roger Ebert

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