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Garuda Super Jet

Type: Piloted super jet (one pilot)
Wingspan: 190 ft (58 m); Height: 75 ft (23 m); Length: 276 ft (84 m); Weight: 482 tons
Basic Features: Diamond-coated armor
Advanced Features: Two heavy laser cannons, flight, combine with Mechagodzilla III
Intelligence: None (piloted)
Air Speed: Mach 3
Mech Level: Two (middleweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: G-Force, humanity; Enemies: Godzilla
Film: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (ゴジラvsメカゴジラ, 1993)
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Additional Data:
Toho Kingdom

Description: The Garuda Super Jet is an awesome weapon employed by G-Force to protect the Earth from giant monsters. The Garuda is more than capable of handling many kaiju on its own, but is insufficient to stop some daikaiju. However, when faced with more serious opposition, it can mount itself to the Mechagodzilla III to make the Super Mechagodzilla mecha; when both machines are combined they can even defeat the King of the Monsters. It has an armor coating as hard as diamonds and two heavy laser cannons that fire blue beams.
Toho Kingdom

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