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Giant Black Silhouette

Subtitle: Huge Dark Lord; Species: Unclassified being; Type: Super-powered alien
Height: 4,920 ft (1,500 m); Weight: Insubstantial
Attributes: Composite being
Powers: Made of pure negative energy, multidimensional
Intelligence: Average
Travel Speed: Multidimensional, instantaneous
Kaiju Level: Five (super heavyweight); Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Black Silhouettes; Enemies: Ultras
Film: Great Decisive Battle: The Super 8 Ultra Brothers (大決戦!超ウルトラ8兄弟, 2008)
Landfall in:
Additional Data:
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Description: The Giant Black Silhouette is composed of thousands of Black Silhouettes, mysterious trans-dimensional beings that hate the Ultras above all else, striving to eradicate them from the multiverse with giant monsters. The Silhouette was created to deliver this warning, with likely just a tiny portion of its true power revealed on our plane of existence.
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