Gipsy Danger

Type: Piloted mecha (crew of two)
Height: 260 ft (79 m); Weight: 1,980 tons
Basic Features: Fists, armored, amphibious
Advanced Features: Plasma caster, chain sword, elbow rocket
Intelligence: None (piloted)
Land/Water Speed: Moderate
Mech Level: Three (light heavyweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Pan Pacific Defense Force; Enemies: Visiting kaiju
Film: Pacific Rim (2013)
Made in the:
Additional Data:
Pacific Rim Wiki
Description: Gipsy Danger is a lucky and very tough Jaeger with a knack for taking out powerful kaiju (monsters). Although it can fight well underwater, it cannot swim, and must walk on the ocean bottom. Its twin blue plasma casters and lethal chain swords are effective weapons against giant monsters, and the right arm elbow rocket is good for close-in cheap shots.
Roger Ebert
1,000 Misspent Hours

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