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Matsumoto 14

Pilot: Achilles; Type: Piloted mecha (crew of one)
Height: 60 ft (18 m, est); Weight: 200 tons (est)
Basic Features: Fists, armored, forearm mirror shield
Advanced Features: Four Lasers, three missile launchers, fusion arc torch, bolo chainsaw, blinder magnesium flares, tank mode, flight
Intelligence: None (piloted)
Land Speed: Slow; Air Speed: Very fast
Mech Level: Two (middleweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Market; Enemies: Confederation
Film: Robot Jox (1990)
Made in the:
Additional Data:

Description: This heavily armed mecha fought for the Market. Although it was generally pretty ponderous, when needed, its boosters were powerful enough to launch it up into space; however, it was not very maneuverable in flight. On the ground, the Matsumoto 14's legs could fold into treads for additional speed and a lower operating profile.
1,000 Misspent Hours

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