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AKA: Bulgasari; Species: Unclassified demigod; Type: Supernatural
Height: Up to 164 ft (50 m, est); Weight: 3,000 tons (est)
Attributes: Bite, fists, horns, tail
Powers: Eats metal; super durability and endurance
Intelligence: Low
Land Speed: Moderate
Kaiju Level: Two (middleweight)
Weakness(es): Reverts to doll form if sacrifice is made
Allies: Good; Enemies: Evil
Film: Pulgasari (불가사리, 1985)
Made in:
Additional Data:
Vanity Fair
Description: Pulgasari is North Korea's only known daikaiju. It started its life as a tiny doll made of rice, and ate metal to grow larger. It proved invulnerable to 13th century weaponry. It was a guardian of the people, and would rise up in times of great suffering to defend them from their oppressors. Well, he used to, anyway. Now, not so much.
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1,000 Misspent Hours

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