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Subtitle: Megaton Monster; Species: Unclassified reptilian predator; Type: Super-powered alien
Length: 197 ft (60 m); Weight: 200,000 tons
Attributes: Bite, horns, tail
Powers: Fire breath; super durability and endurance; interstellar travel via meteor form
Intelligence: Animal
Land Speed: Moderate
Kaiju Level: Three (light heavyweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Unknown; Enemies: Ultraman, humanity
Film: Ultraman (ウルトラマン怪獣大決戦, 1979)
Landfall in:
Additional Data:
Ultraman Wiki

Description: Landing in Japan encased within a meteor, Skydon immediately lit everything on fire around it for comfort and then took a nap. Ultraman doesn't like it when monsters sleep, so he attacked the slumbering kaiju. He was stopped by Skydon's super-dense armor at first, but eventually succeeded in defeating it with the help of the dastardly Science Patrol.

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