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Vermithrax Pejorative

Species: Unclassified wyvern; Type: Supernatural
Wingspan: 90 ft (27 m); Length: 40 feet (12 m); Weight: 4 tons (est)
Attributes: Bite, claws, tail, wings, armored scales, flight
Powers: Fire breath, invulnerable to mundane weapons
Intelligence: Low
Land Speed: Moderate; Air Speed: Fast
Kaiju Level: Two (middleweight)
Weakness(es): Magic
Allies: Unknown; Enemies: Humanity
Film: Dragonslayer (1981)
Discovered by the:
Additional Data:
Villains Wiki
Monster Legacy
Description: Vermithrax Pejorative was a beautiful old Dragon who fought to the bitter end defending her sweet clutch of babies from evil, back-stabbing hominids. Her thick scales rendered her immune to mundane weaponry, but she was still vulnerable to the twisted powers of sorcery.
Roger Ebert
Fangirl Magazine

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