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Warrior Bug

Designation: Uropygi; Species: Unclassified arthropod; Type: Alien
Height: 7 ft (2 m, est); Length: 12 ft (4 m, est); Weight: 1,210 lb (550 kg)
Attributes: Mandibles, claws, exoskeleton, subterranean
Powers: None revealed
Intelligence: Crafty (hive mind)
Land Speed: 40 mph (64 km/h)
Kaiju Level: Zero (lightweight)
Weakness(es): None revealed
Allies: Arachnids; Enemies: Humanity
Film: Starship Troopers (1997)
Discovered by:
Additional Data:
Alien Species Wiki
Starship Troopers Wiki
Description: The Warrior Bugs are the front-line soldiers of the Arachnid alien forces, deployed by the thousands to defend their home planet from evil invading Earth marines. They have a nasty bite capable of chomping a human in half with ease, and sharp forelegs just perfect for impaling.
Roger Ebert
1,000 Misspent Hours

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